Bitquery raised
Bitquery Raised $8.5 million to build Blockchain Data Infrastructure

We are excited to announce that we have raised $8.5 million in our Seed round of funding! The round was…

0x v4 APIs
0x V4 APIs on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon

Recently 0x Dao provided us a grant to enable 0x V4 APIs for BSC, Etheruem, and Polygon. So today, we…

Tron DEX APIs with Bitquery | GraphQL APIs

Recently we have opened GraphQL APIs for DEXs on Tron. Now you can access DEXs data on the Tron blockchain…

Velas APIs | Querying Velas Blockchain

TL;DR – We have indexed Velas blockchain, therefore now you can use Bitquery APIs to query Velas. To get started,…

Klaytn API
Klaytn APIs | Querying Klaytn Blockchain

Klaytn is a South Korean blockchain platform that made a buzz when reports emerged that Samsung would integrate Klaytn in…

Solana API
Solana API | Querying Solana Blockchain (Beta)

Solana is a blockchain that allows DApp developers to deploy crypto applications and grow rapidly without the congestion and scalability…

Querying Polygon Network
Polygon (MATIC) APIs | Transfers, Trades, Tokens & DEX

Last month, we announced the grant from the Polygon team. Soon after, our team started the Polygon integration in our…

Polygon and Bitquery
Polygon is Coming to Bitquery

Polygon, a full-stack Ethereum Solution, has announced a new integration with (formerly, a blockchain data provider. Polygon will…

CoinSwap APIs
CoinSwap API – Build Charting, Get Latest Trades and Token Price

CoinSwap is a DEX(decentralized exchange) that provides users with a suite of services to help them maximize their returns. The exchange…

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