Non-fungible Token APIs (NFT APIs)

From King of Leon launching their music album to Grimes and Lindsay lohan memeing herself on the blockchain, NFTs are…

DEX Price Index
Price Index for DEX Tokens

One of the major problems we see in DEX space is that many of the DEX assets do not have…

Filecoin GraphQL API
Querying Filecoin Blockchain using GraphQL APIs

In this article, we will talk about how to query the Filecoin blockchain using our blockchain GraphQL APIs. So let’s…

GraphQL Charts
Forget SQL  –  Introducing GraphQL charting to visualize blockchain data

Blockchains are now a crucial part of our digital infrastructure. They are the place to create new financial assets, companies,…

Track Bitcoin Transactions and Address
Bitcoin Analysis: Track bitcoin transactions and address

Have you ever tried to track bitcoin transactions or address on a standard blockchain explorer? Then you must know that…

Conflux Growth Stats
Conflux blockchain –  Growth Stats

It’s been almost three months since the launch of Conflux’s mainnet, Tethys. And, we wanted to know how the network…

DEXs on Ethereum vs Binance Smart Chain
Comparing DEXs — Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain

DEXs made a lot of noise in 2020; the trade volume of Ethereum DEXs grew from $270 million in January…

ETH2 API — How to get Ethereum Beacon chain data?

On Nov 24th, 2020, Ethereum 2.0 Beacon chain is launched and has more than 1.5 million ETH deposited in the…

Conditional Aggregation
Conditional Aggregation in GraphQL APIs

We have introduced three new functions to enable conditional aggregation in our APIs. These three functions are: any maximum minimum…

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