Makerdao explained
MakerDAO Tokens Explained: DAI, WETH, PETH, SIN, MKR. Part 1

Maker DAO Tokens Maker DAO system consists of several smart contracts ( Sai Tap, Sai Tub, Vox, Medianiser, etc.), and…

makerdao spike
MakerDAO Spike of Popularity

MakerDAO “SaiTub” smart contract daily call number immediately grown from a previous average ~10K/day to astonishing 103,580 calls per day…

bitcoin entropy
Bitcoin and Ethereum Balances and its Entropy

Why Entropy? Entropy is a known measure of “randomness” of the system. It is applied to thermodynamics. The second law…

Graph of major active participants in FairWin game
FairWin Scam Smart Contract Coinpath Investigation

What if you see a smart contract in Ethereum blockchain with the following impressive activity: More than 500K ETH coin…

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