Querying Filecoin Blockchain using GraphQL APIs

In this article, we will talk about how to query the Filecoin blockchain using our blockchain GraphQL APIs. So let’s start.


In Filecoin, a message is the unit of communication between two actors, thus the primitive cause of state changes. A message combines:

  • a token amount to be transferred from the sender to the receiver, and
  • a method with parameters to be invoked on the receiver (optional/where applicable).

Using the following query, you can get all message counts by name, method, and code.

The number of messages is also steadily growing on Filecoin; For example, from the last four months, we saw the Filecoin blockchain had processed more than 30 million messages per month.



As you can see in the following image, the Filecoin network saw a 2X month-on-month growth on unique callers.

You can get unique callers using the GraphQL API below.




As mentioned above, Messages can also carry FIL with them; we call these messages transfers. You can check the latest Filecoin transfers on our Filecoin explorer.

Miners data

Filecoin is a data marketplace, and the blockchain is the exchange. Miners on the Filecoin network provide data storage. As you can see in the following image, new miners join the Filecoin network, and miners’ growth is around 20%.

After that, the miner’s reward is also increasing, over time. In February 2021, Filecoin miners collected 83 million Fil in mining reward and 3,340 in mining tips.


We also added Coinpath APIs support to trace money on the Filecoin network. Here is the example where you can see the money flow of the f0101637 address.

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