Bitquery is the Interchain Data Engine APIs, Dashboard Analytics, Explorers, Widgets

Powering the Internet of On-chain Data in the Decentralized World. Universal APIs for the connected chains.

What is Bitquery?

Bitquery is a set of software tools that parse, index, access, search and use information across blockchain networks in a unified way. We started with bloxy.infoa as an analytics explorer for Ethereum Mainnet. With Bitquery we are crossing the ‘chain chasm’ by delivering a set of tools that can work across blockchains and offer:

Bitquery stack
Market analytics

Market analytics for specific projects and industry trends in different blockchain networks

Money flow

Money flow analysis for investigation, finding sources and destination of funds.

Arbitrage trading

Arbitrage trading and market behavior and Decentralized trading optimization

Decentralized Finance

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) services

Scientific research

Scientific research in future blockchain development

Supported Blockchains

Common blockchain problems Bitquery solves

Not every blockchain was made equal. Different model of data, different name fields and semantics due to the difference in protocols. To read and process these networks a significant post-processing is required.

Since the main functionality of blockchain software is ensuring consensus and executing cryptography protocols, no blockchain is indexing data in the way that is suitable for analytics or even simple querying or data retrieval.

Every blockchain has its own model of transactions, blocks, actions and money transfers. When accessing data by means of built-in RPC you face all the above complexity and problems.

Bitquery delivers a unified way of looking at the data from different angles.

Bitquery Data Verticals

Blockchain data coverage can be very broad across different industries. A Bitquery vertical is identified by use case that can fit to one or multiple industries. Such verticals can be Finance, Crypto Trading, Blockchain Forensics, Scientific Data Processing & Analysis, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Collectibles NFTs and Digitized Securities. Bitquery can cover these data needs supporting from a solo developer to the government.

Solo Developers & Crypto Traders

Numerous blockchain projects & publications are running today by implementing the free data tier from Bitquery.

Financial Institutions & Fintech Companies

Blockchain can eliminate the threat or the risk of fraud in all areas of banking. By having access to such verified data these organizations can reduce fraud, identify transactions in crypto exchanges and improve security

Digital Assets Exchanges & OTC Desks

Address, Wallets & Transaction analysis, Arbitrage Trading scenarios and automatic Bots to follow the money through the chain.

Regulators & Government Organizations

By determine the depth and levels of distance between a sender and a receiver every transaction is "visible" and open.

Blockchain Projects & Protocol Companies

'From Blockchain protocols companies to wallets developers, crypto custodians, and games using NFTs Bitquery's APIs.'

Our Customers & Partners

Trusted from the leaders in Blockchain, Fintech & Financial Institusions

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What our customers say

Flora Sun
Director of Binance X

"The Bitquery team grabbed our attention back in January 2019 by winning the Binance SAFU Hackathon. Joining the hackathon as Merkle Blox team, they proved that they had the technology to deliver sophisticated data solutions. We extended our support to them by including the team in the Binance X fellowship program. In this program, Bitquery is creating an open source library of visualization widgets connected via blockchain data."

Jordan Castro
Product Owner at CryptoKitties

"Bloxy saves us time by replacing some complicated SQL queries. Consistent updates to their product give us new, interesting ways to analyze on-chain dApp data."

Alex Kroeger
Data Scientist at 0x

"Bloxy does the hard work of parsing Ethereum transaction data into a usable form so that we don't have to. We use their interface to diagnose issues with complex transactions and use their analytics endpoints as a starting point for our own analysis."

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