Bitquery Explorer

Bitquery Explorer is constructed by using the blockchain data building blocks, Bitquery Widgets.

A blockchain has multiple data layers like network, block, transaction, transfer, operation and address among others. Each blockchain protocol have different set of layers. Request to these data can be from a combination of data layers in such way that a tradition blockchain explorer is not enough!

To "view" the full picture in such requests you need to combine and project this data complexity fast and in easy to understand way. Analytical capabilities is the key to Bitquery Explore approach.

We use multi-dimensional analytical database (OLAP) to display most of the information as per request. This gives us capability to aggregate data by dimensions with time, block, address, token, and others. Aggregation helps to build graphs, diagrams and present data in the way, that allows to see the bigger picture rather than just numbers.



Flexibility and adoption to a particular task is another key feature of Bitquery Explorer. Explorer is implemented as client-side Web application, based on Javascript Bitquery Widgets as building blocks. Instead of Widgets to be placed explorer they can also placed on Web Pages with a consistently result. These components can build generic or specialized dashboards, customize and personalize explorer pages. You can create from scratch a completely specialized explorer that can be utilized on specific use case.

Supported Blockchains


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