We create value from the decentralized information for people and businesses


On February 2018 we show a niche that the very new blockchain technology will grow and transform from free-easy-to-access-data to a big-complex-data-hard-to-parse. We developed data solutions on Ethereum and quickly we became the Ethereum data Intelligence. Two years later with Bitquery, we expand on the same concept by creating the Internet of on-chain data with unified APIs, Widgets and UIs of the connected chains. This bundle of products is covering different verticals like Crypto Surveillance Services, DEXs, Arbitrage Analysis, DeFi and more.

Our mission

We analyze blockchains based on trusteed-only data and clear mathematics. This analysis in the form of products it helps people and businesses to value from this data. As we do that we powered data transparency to the whole cross-chain ecosystem, helping entities and processes to adopt blockchain technologies.

Our vision

As our approach will be based on trusted-only data and clear mathematics and as the blockchain adoption will bring the technology to new industry verticals, we envision to energize these use cases with all Bitquery’s data tiers.

Our Team

Dean Karakitsos


Aleksey Studnev


Andrey Stepanov


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