We add "meaning" to blockchain data


In February 2018, we understood that the blockchain ecosystem would grow quickly and become a big data problem. To solve this problem, we developed Bloxy for Ethereum and provided APIs, explorers for Etheruem blockchain. Two years later, with Bitquery, we expand on the same concept by creating unified APIs that allow access to data from multiple blockchains. Our APIs cover different verticals like Crypto Surveillance Services, DEXs, Arbitrage Analysis, DeFi, and more.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide blockchain data products to businesses for solving real-world problems.

Our vision

We believe blockchains will be a vital infrastructure on the internet with multiple use cases in different sectors. There will be a massive demand for blockchain data to build better and transparent products. Therefore, we are building Bitquery to tackle this demand and provide a robust blockchain data infrastructure and products.

Our Team

Gaurav Agrawal
Pavel Emelyanov
Fullstack Developer

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