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To simplify pricing for diverse API calls we've implemented the Point system.


  • 10K points / mo

  • 10 API calls / minute

  • Additional Points: N/A

  • Websocket - 40 points / min

  • Support: N/A


$249per month
  • 3M points / mo

  • 180 API calls / minute

  • Additional Points: $50 per Million

  • Websocket - 40 points / min

  • Email / support portal

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$449per month
  • 10M points / mo

  • 480 API calls / minute

  • Additional Points: $50 per Million

  • Websocket - 40 points / min

  • Telegram Support


$999per month
  • 40M points / mo

  • No Throttling

  • Additional Points: $50 per Million

  • Websocket - 40 points / min

  • Dedicated Telegram Support



24/7 Engineering Team Access


Dedicated support using Slack


Unlimited Points


Data interfaces such as SQL, Cloud Infra, Kafka etc.


Committed SLA


Dedicated Infra setup including on-premise

Trusted by the leading organizations in Web3


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Bitquery offers a broad selection of blockchains to get data for. The complex raw data is available in different levels of detail and from different viewpoints - whether we need simple, aggregated transfers or parameters for failed contract calls. The support is very responsive, friendly and quick to help.

Jan Dreske
Backend Developer, Blockpit
Backend Developer, Blockpit
CTO, PartyFinance
Primex Finance
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Simply sign up on our GraphQL IDE and get your API key. However, if you have questions or require a demo, please fill out this form; our team will be happy to reach out.

Sign up on our GraphQL IDE and check under your account to get API keys. Additionally, we have two versions of APIs, V1 and V2; you can check their authorization here and here, respectively.

V2 APIs are rich in data and provide real-time data through APIs and using Websockets. You can read the major differences between them in our community post.

We use the points-based system for our pricing. Points are calculated based on resources you take on our infrastructure; learn more about the Points system here.

Points are calculated based on the multiple parameters that convey the infrastructure resource usage. You can learn more about these parameters in this article.

We have a developer plan that provides 10k points for free; you can use this plan to understand your points consumption; however, if you are not sure even after it, start with the Team plan, as you can upgrade your plan whenever you want or add additional points.

No, your points do not carry over next month. However, if you upgrade your plan in the middle of your billing period then those points will carry over to the next plan.

You can see points under your account on GraphQL IDE.

GraphQL subscriptions are priced per minute. Pricing per minute for websockets are different for different plans. On Developer and Team plan it cost 30 points per minute, Startup 25 points, Growth 20 points and Business 15 points per minute.

You can always buy additional points or upgrade your plan using billing under your account.

Yes, you can cancel your current plan using billing under your account and then buy a lower plan again at the end of your billing period.

Yes, you can cancel your plan using billing under your IDE account.

We accept all major credit and debit cards internationally.

Please fill out this form to request the demo, our sales team will reach out.

We do provide support using our support forum, Telegram, and Slack, please check the plans, we highly encourage you to opt for higher plans to get the best support and onboarding.

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