Our GraphQL APIs are built so that every API call is different and can take different amounts of computation on our back-end servers. This makes it challenging to provide a simple API calls pricing model.

Therefore, our pricing will be based on a Credit system where 

1 Credit = 1 Computation Unit

Therefore, our pricing will be based on a Credit system where
1 API call can consume X amount of credits. If API is simple, it can consume less than one credit, and if it’s complex, it can consume hundreds of credits.

We will take 1 OHLC query for 1 token pair as our benchmark, meaning the computation it takes to for query OHLC data will be count as one computation unit, aka 1 Credit.

If you cross your limit on your plan, we will charge $30 per 1 million credits, and your invoice for that month will reflect that.

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You can try APIs on our GraphQL IDE and you will also find our GraphQL schema in our IDE. Additionally, you can read more of our blog to see examples and read this article to get started with our GraphQL APIs.

Signup on our GraphQL IDE, there under your account section, you will find your API Keys.

You can query all the blockchains we support in all the plans. However, this doesn’t apply in the Enterprise plan.

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