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Building Protocol is tough; Adoption is tougher

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Let’s say you have built a new DEX protocol; now what? Challenges start now. Now you need to build APIs to provide your DEX protocol data to your users and other entities. For example, what are new pairs, their liquidity, APY, new trades, etc.? You need this data continuously for your community and other websites that want to showcase this data.

However, getting your own data from your protocol is not easy. First, you need to extract data from the blockchain and then transform it according to your need. This takes time and resources.

Additionally, as you are DEX protocol, you need traders. And getting traders on your exchange is much more difficult because traders need tools such as charting and analytics.


Use Bitquery and index your protocol on our infrastructure. Bitquery has built a scalable, reliable infrastructure for processing billions of records every day and provides simple GraphQL APIs on top of them. At Bitquery, we have indexed hundreds of DEX protocols across blockchains. Currently, we support more than 20 blockchains and almost all the popular DEX protocols. Almost the DEX tooling providers use Bitquery’s simple charting and trade APIs to access DEX data for their users.

Data services
Data services

We support

  • Top Exchanges and DEX tools use our DEX APIs at scale
  • Currently, we support DEXs on all major blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance smart chain, and more blockchains and DEX protocols are coming soon
  • We Support Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon andMore than 100 DEXs including all major DEXs, such as Uniswap, Pancake, Curve, 0x, Balancer, Coinswap, etc

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  • 10K points / mo

  • 10 API calls / minute

  • Additional Points: N/A

  • Websocket - 40 points / min

  • Support: N/A


$249per month
  • 3M points / mo

  • 180 API calls / minute

  • Additional Points: $50 per Million

  • Websocket - 40 points / min

  • Email / support portal

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$449per month
  • 10M points / mo

  • 480 API calls / minute

  • Additional Points: $50 per Million

  • Websocket - 40 points / min

  • Telegram Support


$999per month
  • 40M points / mo

  • No Throttling

  • Additional Points: $50 per Million

  • Websocket - 40 points / min

  • Dedicated Telegram Support



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