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Coinpath is a Bitquery technology based on a sophisticated mathematical algorithm that can perform complex calculations between blockchain addresses in order to show the flow of funds.

This algorithm is using heuristics taking into account, balances, amounts and timestamps of transactions. Having additional knowledge about addresses in blockchain to determine the "stop criteria" where the flow may not be reliably determined.

Coinpath® Architecture

coinpath architecture

Track stolen funds hacked exchangers, funds associated with illegal activity, sanctions lists or prohibited activities

Example: Setting the requirements for Coinpath® method "Outbound Addresses, received coins or tokens from an address in a number of hops"

Coinpath depicts a clean data graph of funds. A technology on money flow wallets analysis that creates a path from/to funds based on verified transactions, addresses and wallets on supported blockchains.

Track coins

Coinpath® is implemented as a set of API endpoints, source and destination transfer, graphs, aggregates over addresses. Starting from one address you can determine where the destination and source amounts are located and through which transactions this distribution has been achieved.

Can be used as a blockchain forensics set of tools that can monitor customer deposits and withdrawals for signs of “tainted” coins that have been involved in money laundering, terrorism or drug dealing.



Crypto Exchanges, Financial Institutions, Law Firms, Government Agencies, Solution Providers, Data Forensics Firms


Supported blockchains:

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash,Doge, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Cardano, EOS, Tron, Binance, Ripple & Stellar (Custom Issued Currencies)

"You made it so simple to get the tracing information we needed. We had an internal thief of crypto by a contractor from a corporate wallet. We reached out to Bitquery team, shared what facts we had, and the missing data was presented in a report. We can now move further with the investigation and legal action. It was SO SIMPLE. I am blown away. Thanks for being so awesome."
Duane Jackson
CEO of Blocksafe Holdings Inc.

I am ready to explore Coinpath API.