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Leverage Bitquery’s Arbitrum Data

Historical Arbitrum Data

Access Arbitrum archival transaction, transfer, balance history, and smart contract interactions data, providing valuable insights for market analysis and blockchain trends.

Real-time Arbitrum Data Stream

Delivers instant updates on arbitrum network activities, critical for traders and DApp developers needing up-to-the-minute transaction information.

Arbitrum GraphQL APIs

Offers flexible, efficient data querying capabilities, enabling developers to create responsive, data-driven decentralized applications on the Arbitrum platform.

Cloud Products

Bitquery can deliver Arbitrum data on different cloud infra such as Snowflake, Google BigQuery, AWS etc.

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Explore Our Arbitrum blockchain data

Arbitrum Token Transfers

Get token (ARB) transfers with historical USD conversion

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DEX Trades

DEX trading data on Arbitrum from 100+ DEXs, including Uniswap, Curve, Sushiswap Etc

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Arbitrum NFTs

Get Arbitrum NFT data such as ownership, metadata, trades, token holder, origin & history

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Arbitrum Balances

Get token balance, history, and updates for any Arbitrum address

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Token Holders

Arbitrum Token holders for fungible and nonfungible tokens 

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Money Flow

Track funds on the Arbitrum blockchain using our Coinpath® technology

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Smart Contract Calls

Get parsed Arbitrum smart contract call traces with arguments 

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Smart Contract Events

Get parsed Arbitrum smart contract events with arguments

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Blocks & Transactions

Get blocks, transaction, and gas details for the Arbitrum blockchain

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Data On Demand

Why choose Bitquery’s Arbitrum API?

Enhanced DEX Interaction on Arbitrum

Bitquery indexes DEX platforms like SushiSwap, Uniswap, or GMX, enabling users to access real-time and historical dex trades, including liquidity pool data.

Robust Support for Arbitrum NFT and Marketplace

Users can leverage our Arbitrum API for insights into the Arbitrum NFT market, including Arbitrum OpenSea activities, facilitating detailed analysis of NFT trends and trades within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Comprehensive Access to Arbitrum Data

The API provides extensive access to a wealth of Arbitrum data, including information on Arbitrum tokens and smart contracts events and calls, essential for developers and analysts needing in-depth blockchain insights.

User-Friendly Arbitrum Documentation

With detailed and accessible Arbitrum docs, Bitquery's API is user-friendly, offering clear guidance for developers to effectively utilize the full range of data points available within our Arbitrum blockchain data infrastructure.

Ready to build
next-generation infrastructure


Bitquery offers a broad selection of blockchains to get data for. The complex raw data is available in different levels of detail and from different viewpoints - whether we need simple, aggregated transfers or parameters for failed contract calls. The support is very responsive, friendly and quick to help.

Jan Dreske
Backend Developer, Blockpit
Backend Developer, Blockpit
CTO, PartyFinance
Primex Finance
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  • 10K points / mo

  • 10 API calls / minute

  • Additional Points: N/A

  • Websocket - 40 points / min

  • Support: N/A


$249per month
  • 3M points / mo

  • 180 API calls / minute

  • Additional Points: $50 per Million

  • Websocket - 40 points / min

  • Email / support portal

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$449per month
  • 10M points / mo

  • 480 API calls / minute

  • Additional Points: $50 per Million

  • Websocket - 40 points / min

  • Telegram Support


$999per month
  • 40M points / mo

  • No Throttling

  • Additional Points: $50 per Million

  • Websocket - 40 points / min

  • Dedicated Telegram Support



24/7 Engineering Team Access


Dedicated support using Slack


Unlimited Points


Data interfaces such as SQL, Cloud Infra, Kafka etc.


Committed SLA


Dedicated Infra setup including on-premise

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Bitquery provides historical and real-time indexed data for 40+ blockchains through Graphql APIs, Webhooks, SQL, and Cloud providers such as AWS, Snowflake, Google, Azure, etc. Get APIs for token trades, transfers, holders, transactions, address balances, Smart contract events, calls, NFT trades, transfers, etc.

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