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Tell us your blockchain data requirements, and we will prepare and deliver it through AWS S3, Google BigQuery, Snowflake etc

Blockchain data - Prepared on demand<span class="block lg:inline-block"><span class="bg-gradient-to-r from-gradient_left to-gradient_right background-text-clip text-4xl lg:text-5xl">40+ blockchains Supported</span></span>

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Data On Demand


40+ Blockchain supported

We support 40+ blockchains, therefore, you can get data from one or more chains using Data on demand.

One-time or Recurring basis

Access data on a time or recurring basis to build ETL, do investigations, or feed your machine learning algorithm.

Low latency

Bitquery can provide this in real-time however, we are bound by the Cloud provider capabilities on which you will access this data.

Ideal for Bulk data

Data on Demand is built for accessing bulk amounts of data; we can provide TeraBytes of blockchain data on demand.

Get CSV, JSON, or Parquet format

We can provide this data in CSV, JSON, or Parallel format. In addition, if you have any other requirements, we can provide them too.

How does it work?


Create a simple GraphQl Query

Tell us the data points you require by contacting us or creating a query on GraphQL IDE


Fill The Form

If you created the query, just fill this form, our team will get in touch in 24 hours.


Get Data Through AWS S3

Once data is finalized, we will push this data on AWS S3, Snowflake, GCP, or any other cloud infra and provide you access.
Data On Demand

Use Cases

Prepared Data for Machine learning algorithms.

Looking for Uniswap, PancakeSwap, or any other DEX data for your machine learning algorithms? Get extensive data points and formats based on your requirements.

Get historical data for any Dapps, Tokens.

Get complete historical transfers, trades, holders, active users, or custom data points for any tokens or Dapps in hours.

Building ETLs

Get accurate, reliable blockchain data on the Cloud and move it on Bigquery, Redshift, or any other data warehouse

Investigations & Legal cases

Investigating projects, Dapps, or any token, get prepared data that can reduce the time to produce results.

Access data from

AWSGoogle CloudAzureSnowFlake

Main Value Propostion

Prepared data based on your need

We can prepare data according to your requirements therefore you don’t need to transform it on your end

No Data Engineering Problems

APIs can be problematic for bulk data access as APIs can break and give errors, and you must monitor them consistently

Reduce Development work

Using Data on demand, you offload all data-related problems to us and reduce your development resources and time to access data


Bitquery offers a broad selection of blockchains to get data for. The complex raw data is available in different levels of detail and from different viewpoints - whether we need simple, aggregated transfers or parameters for failed contract calls. The support is very responsive, friendly and quick to help.

Jan Dreske
Backend Developer, Blockpit
Backend Developer, Blockpit
CTO, PartyFinance
Primex Finance
Director, Binance X

Ready to get the access of bulk blockchain data

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