Elevate Your DApps withAdvanced Smart Contract Data API

Our Smart Contract API is designed to provide developers, auditors, and analysts with powerful Smart Contract data to explore, monitor, and leverage any Dapp on 40+ blockchains.

Elevate Your DApps with<span class="block lg:inline-block"><span class="bg-gradient-to-r from-gradient_left to-gradient_right background-text-clip text-4xl lg:text-5xl">Advanced Smart Contract Data API</span></span>

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Key Features of Smart Contract API

Indexed Parsed Smart Contract Calls, Events, and Attributes

Our API offers extensive indexing and parsing capabilities, making it simple to retrieve detailed information about contract calls, events, and attributes.

Internal Transactions with Call Trace and Opcodes

Our API not only tracks internal transactions but also provides a detailed call trace. This level of detail offers a comprehensive view of the transactions and operations happening within smart contracts.

Smart Contract Aggregated Analytics

Obtain smart contracts insights, including details on financial inflows and outflows, transaction records, contract interactions, gas usage analytics, information on the initiators of transactions, money flow, and comprehensive statistics on events and contract calls.

Practical Use Cases for Diverse Needs


Our Smart Contract API is an invaluable resource for DApp developers. Utilize events and call data to fetch essential DApp information, enhancing the functionality and user experience of your decentralized applications.

Smart Contract KPIs and Analytics

Access essential metrics and analyze patterns, frequencies, and trends in your smart contracts. Our APIs can aggregate smart contract data, facilitating the assessment of performance, efficiency, and usage of your smart contracts.

Smart Contract Audit and Monitoring

Ensure the security and efficiency of your smart contracts. Our Real-time and historical APIs facilitate comprehensive auditing and continuous monitoring, identifying potential vulnerabilities and performance issues.

Access data from

AWSGoogle CloudAzureSnowFlake

Explore Our Smart Contract API

All Smart Contract Events

Fetch all the events from a smart contract on any chain

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Specific Smart Contract Event

Filter specific events by name or signature to simplify data retrieval

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All Smart Contract Calls

Get all smart contract calls made by users with details related to calls

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Specific Method Call for a Smart Contract

Filter calls to specific functions of a smart contract executed by user

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Specific Arguments for All Events

Query parsed argument for any events of smart contracts

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Opcodes for Smart Contracts Calls

Extract opcode data from smart contract calls users made

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Complete Tracing for a Transaction

Get step by step details to explore execution of the transaction

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Bitquery offers a broad selection of blockchains to get data for. The complex raw data is available in different levels of detail and from different viewpoints - whether we need simple, aggregated transfers or parameters for failed contract calls. The support is very responsive, friendly and quick to help.

Jan Dreske
Backend Developer, Blockpit
Backend Developer, Blockpit
CTO, PartyFinance
Primex Finance
Director, Binance X



  • 10K points / mo

  • 10 API calls / minute

  • Additional Points: N/A

  • Websocket - 40 points / min

  • Support: N/A


$249per month
  • 3M points / mo

  • 180 API calls / minute

  • Additional Points: $50 per Million

  • Websocket - 40 points / min

  • Email / support portal

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$449per month
  • 10M points / mo

  • 480 API calls / minute

  • Additional Points: $50 per Million

  • Websocket - 40 points / min

  • Telegram Support


$999per month
  • 40M points / mo

  • No Throttling

  • Additional Points: $50 per Million

  • Websocket - 40 points / min

  • Dedicated Telegram Support



24/7 Engineering Team Access


Dedicated support using Slack


Unlimited Points


Data interfaces such as SQL, Cloud Infra, Kafka etc.


Committed SLA


Dedicated Infra setup including on-premise

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