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Top 10 Certifications to Learn Crypto Investigation


Have you ever found yourself googling "how to become a crypto investigator" or "how to trace my money"? Whether you're a cybersecurity enthusiast, law enforcement professional, or simply someone intrigued by the intersection of technology and finance, becoming comfortable with crypto investigation can open doors to exciting and impactful career opportunities.

This article will guide you through some of the best courses offering a thorough understanding of crypto investigation. These courses, ranging from basic blockchain concepts to advanced forensic methods, give you the necessary knowledge and skills for success in this rapidly changing field of cryptocurrency investigations.

Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator Training (Blockchain Intelligence Group)

Price: $1,990

The CCI Master Crypto Investigations Learning Path is a detailed program with 8 modules and a final test. This learning path is designed to help you with the essential knowledge needed in crypto investigations.

This course begins by introducing the fundamentals of cryptocurrency. It then progresses to understanding Bitcoin, exploring criminal activities in the digital world, and delving into the hidden areas of the dark web. It also sharpens your skills in blockchain forensics. The program concludes with an in-depth study of advanced topics like privacy-centric cryptocurrencies, decentralized exchanges, and a focused overview of Ethereum.

After successfully completing the program, learners receive the Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator (CCI) certificate. Those who specialize in Ethereum earn an additional CCIE certificate. This course is an effective way to enhance your skills in crypto investigation and excel in the fast-paced field of crypto investigations.

Certified Digital Currency Investigator (CDCI) (McAfee Institute)

Price: $1,547

The McAfee Institute's board certification program in digital currency investigations is a pioneering course that helps you advance your investigative or intelligence career. As the first and only globally recognized certification of its kind, it responds to the growing need for digital currency expertise.

Created by industry experts and supported by national accreditation, the program provides weekly tutorials, practical investigative exercises, and access to good content on encryption techniques, anonymization networks, and tracing the money trail. It helps you navigate digital currency investigation challenges and build your reputation with skills in blockchain, mining, digital wallets, and cryptocurrency.

The course, with guidance from industry expert Josh McAfee, offers an efficient pathway to enhance your online investigation skills. It demystifies the notion that such a certification is time-consuming or overly expensive.

Intro to Cryptocurrency Forensics & Investigation (Steven Yang)

Price: FREE

"Intro to Cryptocurrency Forensics & Investigation" is a beginner-friendly course that aims to simplify the complexities of the blockchain and provide a secure way to navigate the virtual asset economy. The course covers the basics of cryptocurrency, its history of crime and hacks, and ongoing efforts to curb illicit activities.

The course includes practical demonstrations and grants free access to a robust forensics platform provided by AnChain.AI, a prominent cryptocurrency security provider. The content includes vital skills such as tracing fund origins, conducting cryptocurrency 'background checks' and 'credit scores,' using forensics software, tracing endpoints and liquidations, attributing entities, geolocating wallets, and more. The course is divided into several parts and includes “follow-along” investigations for experience.

You can also trace money easily with Bitquery Coinpath® or contact the investigation service if you need help tracing funds. Read more here.

TRM Advanced Crypto Investigator (TRM Labs)

Price: $1,400

TRM Academy offers online certification courses in blockchain, allowing you to enhance your skills at your convenience. The course's content is spread over 16 modules and covers important topics such as tactics used in crypto crime, the Ethereum blockchain, smart contracts, decentralized exchanges, NFTs, DeFi transactions, and more.

You'll gain a deeper understanding of specific areas like Ethereum mixers, Binance chain, and TRON. You'll also learn about manual demixing, derivation paths, contract spoofing, signature application, and advanced forensics methods. Upon completion of this course, you will be well-versed in the crypto threat landscape, proficient in demixing techniques, understand contract intricacies, and be able to apply advanced forensics methods.

Chainalysis Investigation Specialist Certification

Price: $1,349

The Chainalysis Investigation Specialist Certification (CISC) Live Course is an advanced offering for registered customers who have already achieved their Chainalysis Reactor Certification (CRC) and have at least three months of experience using Reactor. The content includes lessons on dusting, chain hopping, obfuscation techniques, and so on.

This course aims to further enhance your investigative workflows and risk assessments in Chainalysis Reactor. You'll get the opportunity to explore its advanced features, conduct an in-depth transaction analysis, identify specific wallet types, and learn how to overcome perceived limitations in blockchain analysis. There's also a 3.5-hour exam at the end of the course for you to get the certificate.


Price: $1,995

The Certified Cryptoasset AFC Specialist Certification (CCAS) is an accreditation provided by ACAMS. It's intended for professionals in the crypto sector who deal with cryptocurrency compliance and risk management pertaining to cryptoasset financial crime. The CCAS was developed in collaboration with professionals from the cryptoasset sector, AML/CTF experts, and regulatory authorities.

The certification aims to update AML expertise in the dynamic crypto markets. Professionals can benefit from this certification as it meets mandated AML training requirements, validates their expertise, and improves their capacity to safeguard institutions from money laundering risks. For organizations, a CCAS-certified team symbolizes a commitment to identifying and mitigating crypto financial crime threats.

The CCAS certification is relevant for roles in AML, compliance, fraud investigation, legal, blockchain technology, and cybersecurity within the crypto sector. It includes three ACAMS online certificate courses and covers key topics related to the cryptoasset sector. To earn the certification, individuals must be ACAMS members, submit an application, accumulate 40 eligibility credits, study the provided materials, and pass the CCAS exam.

Elliptic Certify

Price: $699

Elliptic Certify is a certification program developed in collaboration with ManchesterCF and awarded in partnership with the University of New Haven. The program provides essential knowledge about crypto assets and AML regulations. It offers insights into the virtual asset landscape, compliance frameworks, and blockchain analytics for effective risk management.

The certification signifies a dedication to learning and offers expertise in risk-based due diligence, specifically in areas like sanctions and terrorist financing. Elliptic Certify provides a flexible online learning environment with a variety of tools, including a digital textbook, interactive modules, and assessments. This allows participants to learn at their own pace.

Globally, regulators recognize the certification, providing credibility and evidence of expertise in financial crime typologies and risk controls.

Basel Institute

Price: $883

The Basel Institute offers a four-day virtual training course focusing on the basics of cryptocurrencies, financial crime, and anti-money laundering (AML) compliance. This course is structured for professionals from sectors like law enforcement, finance, and business. The goal is to provide participants with the necessary skills to prevent, detect, and investigate illegal uses of cryptocurrencies.

The training is divided into four sessions, each lasting three hours. It includes practical exercises centered around a money laundering case scenario that involves tracing transactions through the blockchain. The course explores topics such as crypto basics, blockchain analysis, due diligence, risk management, and seizure and confiscation of crypto assets.

The course accommodates 5 to 30 participants and costs CHF 750 per person. A reduced rate of CHF 300 is available for certain organizations. After completing the course, participants receive a certificate. Private courses for organizations can also be arranged.

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