Accurate Balance for your Users

Get transaction, token transfers,  balance and NFT ownership details for wallets on 40+ blockchains

<span class="bg-gradient-to-r from-gradient_left to-gradient_right background-text-clip text-4xl lg:text-5xl">Accurate Balance for your Users</span>

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Faster Go to market with less resources

100+ million
API Calls

Get Up and Running Quickly


Get address balance

Get accurate token, NFT balance for an address on 40+ blockchains


Address balance update

Get historical and live balance updates for an address to build balance history of an address


Address Transfers

Historical and live token and NFTs transfers with USD value of an address


Address Transactions and contract calls

Get all transactions and smart contract calls for a give address


NFT ownership

All historical or current NFT holding of an address


Address portfolio in USD

Build address portfolio by getting all tokens and their USD value

Everything Your Operation Needs at one place

Accurate data with reliable infrastructure

Get historical or real-time address balance, transfers including NFT ownership with complete accuracy.

Token pricing in 4 major fiat currencies

Get historical token transfers in USD, EURO and other major fiat currencies and build tax reports and wallet portfolios.

Flexible Data Delivery

Use interface tailored to your requirement, we can provide data through GraphQL API, Websocket, SQL or through Cloud providers  (AWS, Snowflake, Google Cloud)
Supported blockchains

Access data from

AWSGoogle CloudAzureSnowFlake


Bitquery offers a broad selection of blockchains to get data for. The complex raw data is available in different levels of detail and from different viewpoints - whether we need simple, aggregated transfers or parameters for failed contract calls. The support is very responsive, friendly and quick to help.

Jan Dreske
Backend Developer, Blockpit
Backend Developer, Blockpit
CTO, PartyFinance
Primex Finance
Director, Binance X

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