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0x V4 APIs on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon


Recently 0x Dao provided us a grant to enable 0x V4 APIs for BSC, Etheruem, and Polygon. So today, we are happy to announce that now you can access 0x trading data (all versions of the 0x protocol including v4) using Bitquery GrpahQL APIs and explorer.

This article will talk about some interesting facts about 0x v4 protocols and show you examples of some APIs and how you can get them according to your need.

Trades and Volume

In October, 0x saw ~29k trades, which is the highest for 2021 (till now), but as you can see in the image below, there is a gradual uptrend month on month for trade counts on the protocol.

Additionally, the V4 version alone saw a volume of $1.5 billion in Oct.

You can also get trade count using this query and volume using this query.

0x v4 trade month on month

0x v4 trade month on month

0x v4 volume

0x v4 volume

While building any DEX-related tooling, the essential thing you need is trades. Now you can get trades of 0x V4 protocol or any other version of the 0x protocol; you can use our Apis.

You can also integrate these trades data on TradingView charting library. So we already have a guide on this.

For example, check this query to get the latest trades for the 0x v4 protocol. Additionally, You can also check the trading pairs listed on the 0x v4 protocol using this API.

Traders on 0x

More than 7.5k traders traded 178 currencies on 0x V4 in October. If you want to dig these traders, you can use our APIs and check their details on our explorer.

0x V4 and all other version APIs are now on Polygon, BSC, and Ethereum through Bitquery GraphQL APIs. Get your API keys by signing up on our GraphQL IDE today.

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