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How to get started with Coinpath® APIs?


Coinpath® is a set of API endpoints to trace money on Blockchain. These apis help you provide money trails for more than 40 blockchains and all the tokens built atop. To get your API Keys, sign up on our GraphQL IDE.

Coinpath® API Use Cases

There are many use cases of Coinpath® APIs, however most interesting use cases of Coinpath® APIs are:


Coinpath® API helps compliance companies with the money flow data. In order to build compliance tools you need money flow data as backbone. On this data, you build deploy tech to deanonymize addresses, monitor transactions, provide risk analysis etc.

Coinpath® APIs help you build solutions for KYT(Know your transactions) and Travel rules. If you are looking to build a compliance tool. Reach out to us, we might save a ton of money and time for you.


Crypto Investigation companies investigate crypto crimes such as stolen cryptocurrency, wallet thefts, crypto scams and crimes that involve or utilize blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Using money flow APIs, you can build more sophisticated investigation tooling without worrying about maintaining a large data warehouse.

If you are building any blockchain data application do reach out to us using this link.

How to get started with Coinpath® API?

There are two ways to get started with our GraphQL API. Using our Explorer or directly using our IDE.

Getting started with Coinpath® APIs using Bitquery Explorer

The easiest way to start with Coinpath® APIs is to use Bitquery Explorer. Our Explorer is the showcase of our APIs, you can simply search any address or transaction and see what data we show there and click on “Open GraphQL API ” button to see the API behind the data.

Simply search any address on our Explorer and check “Money flow tab”. You will see the following visuals. Try this link.

If you click on the “Open GraphQL IDE” on the bottom right, then you will see the API getting data behind the visualization.

Note, these visualizations are just a showcase of what Coinpath® APIs can do, you can build any type of tools or get any sort of data using our Coinpath® APIs.

Coinpath API - Graph

Coinpath API - Sankey

Getting started with Coinpath® APIs using GraphQL IDE

Our GraphQL IDE has Docs and builder in it, additionally there are a lot of existing examples created by us and other users. For example, check this, this and this.

Also, you can use our Builder (as shown below) to create APIs.

IDE Builder


Coinpath® API only tells you about the money flow but we didn’t deploy de-anonymize technologies(identity of wallets). Because of this we don’t provide ready made risk analysis. However you can build such services using our APIs.

Additionally, Here are few limitations of Coinpath® API:

Cross Chain: As we are seeing more bridges to move asset cross chain and better blockchain interoperability, tracking them becomes more default. As we support more than 40 chains, we have data to trace cross chain, however current Coinpath® APIs don’t allow cross chain tracing.

Mixers: A mixer (or tumbler) is a service that mixes different streams of potentially identifiable cryptocurrency and outputs potentially unidentified cryptocurrency. Because mixers are built to anonymize crypto it becomes an arms race to trace crypto through mixers because on both ends tech is evolving. Coinpath® APIs don’t provide efficient tracing through mixers.

Centralized service: Centralized services are designed in a way that makes it almost impossible to trace funds through them. However because they are centralized they have KYCs and they are the biggest resource when tracing funds on chain.


Coinpath® APIs are unique offerings that saves tons of money and time for our existing clients. Currently we support Coinpath® APIs on more than 30 blockchains. By using our ready to use data infrastructure you can focus on your application. If you are building any blockchain data application do reach out to us using this link.

Note: Our Coinpath® APIs are targeted to companies building end products for various use cases. We do not provide consulting services or cater to retail customers.

That’s it, if you have any questions, you can ask us on our Telegram group or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  • Do you guys support tracking Mixers and Tumblers?

In simple cases Coinpath® APIs can trace through Mixers or Tumblers, However, complex cases do not have broad support.

  • Do you have cross-chain tracking?

No, currently, we don’t have cross-chain support, however work in progress.

  • How many blockchains do you support?

We support more than 30 blockchains, you can check them all here.

  • Other than GraphQL, do you have any other interface?

Yes, for Enterprise customers, we can expose our database directly.

  • What about pricing, where can I check it?

You can check out Bitquery pricing here.

  • Do you have annotations on all blockchains?

We have annotations on Bitcoin and Ethereum from public sources. As we do not deploy any deanonymizing technology, we don’t have annotations on other blockchains.

  • Where can I read more about Coinpath®?

Here's a detailed breakdown of how Coinpath® works

  • What is the best way to contact you guys?

You can ping us on Telegram or email us at

About Coinpath®

Coinpath® APIs provide blockchain money flow analysis for more than 24 blockchains. With Coinpath’s APIs, you can monitor blockchain transactions, investigate crypto crimes such as bitcoin money laundering, and create crypto forensics tools.

If you have any questions about Coinpath®, ask them on our Telegram channel or email us at Also, subscribe to our newsletter below, we will keep you updated with the latest in the cryptocurrency world.

Coinpath® is a Bitquery product. Bitquery is a set of tools that parse, index, access, search, and use information across blockchain networks in a unified way.

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