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Simple rest APIs to get Uniswap data (DEX Data APIs)


2020 is the DEX year, in which DEX volume skyrocketed from $250 million to $15 billion and still growing.

DEX Trade Volume in USD

However, 90% is growth is came from the Uniswap.

On 30th August, Uniswap surpassed idm crack the Coinbase daily trading volume.

Hayden Adams Tweet about DEX Trade Volume

However, getting DEX data is still hard when compared to centralized crypto exchange.

We at Bitquery (Bloxy) is all about blockchain data and provide APIs to access to on-chain data at scale.

Currently, our APIs provide data for more than 30 DEX protocols.

Supported DEX Protocol


Currently, we provide multiple APIs to get DEX trade-related data.

DEX API Methods

Note: You need to sign up on Bloxy to access these APIs.

Getting Uniswap Trade Data

Today we are going to show you how to get DEX data using Uniswap as an example.

Let’s see how we can get Uniswap DEX trades data using our APIs. For this, you need to use DEX Trades APIs.

DEX API call

You can call DEX trades API directly which provide you all the trade data for all DEX.

To get only Uniswap data, set parameter “Uniswap V2”.

DEX Trades at DEX

DEX Trade List

Getting $YFI Trades on Uniswap

However, if you want to filter data, you can use API parameters.

For example, you want all the YFI trades from the Uniswap. You need to set the YFI token address in “Filter by Any token address.”

This will give you all trades related to YFI token on Uniswap.

$YFI Trade APIs

YFI Trade Result

Understanding all parameters

The following image describes all the parameters of DEX trades APIs.

DEX Trade Parameters

DEX Trade API parameters described

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Build Applications on DEXs

We saw many successful trading, analytics apps getting built on centralized exchanges. Now it’s time to build applications on DEX.

As we showed above, we have multiple DEX related APIs such as arbitrage trades, deposits, withdrawal, active traders, etc.

We are eager to see what type of applications the Ethereum community built on top of DEXs.

About Bitquery

Bitquery is a set of software tools that parse, index, access, search, and use information across blockchain networks in a unified way. Our products are:

  • Coinpath® APIs provide blockchain money flow analysis for more than 24 blockchains. With Coinpath’s APIs, you can monitor blockchain transactions, investigate crypto crimes such as bitcoin money laundering, and create crypto forensics tools. Read this to get started with Coinpath®.
  • Digital Assets API provides index information related to all major cryptocurrencies, coins, and tokens.
  • DEX API provides real-time deposits and transactions, trades, and other related data on different DEX protocols like Uniswap, Kyber Network, Airswap, Matching Network, etc.

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