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Solana API – Querying Solana Blockchain (2023)​


Solana is a blockchain that allows DApp developers to deploy crypto applications and grow rapidly without the congestion and scalability issues that affect some other networks. Designed for scalability, Solana seeks to provide developers with the infrastructure and bandwidth to facilitate the global adoption of their decentralized products and services.

Today, we are happy to announce the Bitquery launched the support for Solana blockchain. Now you can query Solana’s blockchain data using our GraphQL APIs.

Because we have indexed more than 30 blockchains, therefore in this article, we provide some interesting data insights comparing Solana with some other chains and also provide query examples.

Note: Solana APIs are currently in beta, and products such as Coinpath (Money Tracking APIs) are not supported.

Monthly Transaction Volume in Solana Mainnet

Solana is continuously hitting more than 2 billion transactions every month. It’s ten times more transactions what other networks are processing. For example, Ethereum did only 35 million transactions, BSC and Matic did around 170 million transactions per month.

Solana Transactions

Solana Transactions

On the other hand, token transfers on Solana is declining in the last few months. A transfer is when a native coin or the token gets transferred on the blockchain. A transaction can contain zero or multiple transfers.

Compared to other networks, only BSC is now processing more transfers (~325 million per month) than Solana. Where Ethereum is processing ~55 million, and Polygon is doing 110 million transfers.

To check Solana transfers run this query.

Solana transfers

Solana transfers

Solana Blocks

Solana is processing more than 3.2 million blocks every month. Compared to other networks, Ethereum is processing 200k, BSC 850K, and Polygon 1.2 million blocks.

Number of blocks processed by Solana each month

Number of blocks processed by Solana each month

Top Currencies on Solana

More than 75% of the transfers on Solana is for its native coin SOL and after than Kin and USDC with more than 170 million transfers.

In the following charts, you can see the top 10 currencies based on transfers. You can use this query to get this data and other details.

Top Currencies on Solana

Top Currencies on Solana

Other Important Queries related to Solana

You can check Solana GraphQL APIs schema on our GraphQL IDE. It will help you learn more about the data we have exposed for the Solana blockchain.

Solana Schema on our GraphQL IDE

Solana Schema on Bitquery GraphQL IDE

We have added few more GraphQL APIs below; however, these are only examples. Our GraphQL APIs can provide any data for the Solana blockchain, and you just need to explorer it.

Solana Block Rewards

Using our APIs, you can also get Solana block rewards; for example, If you want to check Solana block rewards for a given block height, you can use the following query.

Latest Solana Instructions 

An app interacts with a Solana cluster by sending it transactions with one or more instructions. Each instruction specifies a single program, a subset of the transaction’s accounts that should be passed to the program, and a data byte array that is passed to the program.

In simple words, instructions are equal to smart contract calls.

Using our APIs, you can get Solana instructions, for example, following GraphQL̃ query.

What’s Next?

Next, we are going to parse Serum DEX and other DEXs and DeFi protocols on Solana. If you want us to open APIs for your protocol on Solana, you can reach out to us. Or If you have any questions related to our blockchain data APIs please join our Telegram Group.

A**bout **Bitquery

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