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Offline Dashboards | Client only Blockchain data visualization and tools​


Our Bitquery explorer is made out of widgets, meaning every data point shown on the explorer is an independent HTML, JS code that can be embedded into any website on the Internet. However, if you like to work with blockchain data and want to protect your privacy, let me show you a new way to access and visualize blockchain data.

I have created an HTML file, which you can save locally and open to check the latest Ethereum Gas analytics (This file won’t work on iPhone). To create this file, I copy-pasted the code from Ethereum Gas analytics widgets from the explorer.

As you can see, whenever you open the HTML file, you will get live data in seconds.


If you check the code of our HTML file, you will see it’s simple HTML and Javascript, which is showing you live charts. You can modify this file and add your own widgets and change queries to visualize different data.

This way, you collect our different widgets and create your own local dashboard. Besides, you can also use our GraphQL APIs and create new charts for your local dashboard. Let me explain using an example.

Use our GraphQL APIs to create Blockchain data charts.

For example, let’s say we can create a graph showing Active Bitcoin addresses. To accomplish this, first, we need to get the data.

The following GraphQL API will give us this data. You can also check this API here.

  bitcoin {
    inputs(options: {desc: ["month.year", "month.month"]}) {
      activeAddress: count(uniq: addresses)
      month: date {


Using a local HTML file will protect your privacy and allow you to create beautiful and useful blockchain data visualization.

However, we think, there are a lot of use cases of Embeddable widgets. For example, you can create a portfolio template, generate reports for your users, and send them through email. These reports can be viewed with live data or downloaded as PDF.

You can also create client only blockchain data tools for different use cases such as showing Uniswap DEX trades, or latest blockchain events, etc.

Let me know what you think about our Offline Dashboards. And If you have any questions please, join our Telegram group and let us know.

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