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ETH2 API — Beacon chain API data?


On Nov 24th, 2020, Ethereum 2.0 Beacon chain is launched and has more than 1.5 million ETH deposited in the ETH2 smart contract and with ~50K validators when writing this article.

Today, we will show how to get ETH2.0 data using our GrpahQL APIs. You can also visualize different types of ETH2 data metrics on our ETH2 explorer. If you want to learn about the Beacon chain’s inner workings, read this article.

ETH2 Deposits API

As soon as the ETH2.0 deposit smart contract launched, everyone was tracking the number of ETHs deposited in the contract. Because to launch the Beacon chain, it needs to cross the threshold of 524,288 ether. Additionally, the number of ETH staked (number of validators) directly impacts ETH2.0 inflation.

You can now use the following API to get the amount of ETH deposited, the number of validators, and deposits.

ETH2 deposit count and amount daily

Let’s say you want to track daily ETH deposits on Ethereum2 smart contract. For that, you use the following query.

Top Validators based on the deposit amount

You need to deposit 32ETH to become a validator for the Beacon chain. Use the query below to learn about the top validators based on the deposit amount.

ETH2 Blocks

The Beacon Chain provides the heartbeat to Ethereum 2.0. This beat is a 12-second slot in which validators can propose blocks. 32 slots make an epoch.

ETH2 Beacon chain

If you want to know about the count for blocks, slots, and block proposers, use the query below.

Daily Blocks and Proposers count

If you want the daily blocks and proposer count, use the query below.


The Beacon chain create groups of validators, called Committees. One validator in this group proposes the block, and the other validators vote on the proposed block. These votes are called attestations.

The following API gives you the number of unique validators, committees, and attestations.

Proposer Slashing

Ethereum2.0 usage Proof of stake, where honest validators incentivized and dishonest or incompetent validators get punished, is called slashing. In Ethereum2.0 slashing occurs because

  • Block producer proposes two conflicting blocks within the same slot
  • Or vote more than once with conflicting checkpoint (Chain creates a checkpoint after every 32 blocks)

The API below gives you the number of proposers slashing and the unique count of slashed proposers.

Top Proposers by the count of slashings

If you want to know which validator is most slashed, run the query below.​

Attestor Slashing

Attestors also get slashed if they don’t vote honestly or show incompetency. Run the following query to check the number of slashed attestors and total attestor slashing events.

Validators Information API

Using our APIs, you can get all sorts of information about one or multiple validators. For example, the following APIs give you blocks proposed by a validator number (45871).

The query below gives you the slot attestations of a validator (45871).

We showed you some examples of our ETH2 APIs; you get all sorts of different ETH2 data using our APIs. Just explore our GraphQL schema to learn the capabilities of ETH2 APIs. If you have any questions about our APIs, ask them our Telegram group.

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